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Various Artists – Bullshit Detector Two


EAN-code: 5016958101107
Drager: 2lp op op grijs vinyl
Releasedatum: juni 2023

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LP 1
1:Waiting for bardot - voice of u.k.
2:Omega tribe - nature wonder
3:Suspects - random relations
4:Your funeral - think about it
5:Krondstadt uprising - receiver deceiver
6:Deformed - freedom
7:No label - let's get it right
8:The rejected - same old songs
9:Boffo - garageland
10:Xs - fuck the system
11:Polemic attack - manipulated youth
12:A. gardener - a. gardener's song
13:Toxic - tradition of slaughter
14:1984 - breakup
15:Unknown artist - insert
16:Toxik ephex - police brutality
17:Sic - low
18:Molitov cocktail - ain't got a clue
19:Naked - mid 1930's (pre-war germany)
LP 2
1:Capital punishment - we've realised the truth now
2:Anthrax - all the wars
3:Endangered species - slaughter of the innocent (curiosity ki
4:Pseudo sadists - war games
5:Total chaos - pyscho analysis
6:Dougie - war without winners
7:St vitus dancers - the survivor
8:Stegz - christus erection
9:Metro youth - brutalised
10:Normality complex- black market shadow
11:Youth in asia - the power & the glory
12:Riot squad - security system
13:Destructors - agent orange
14:The pits - u.k. in dreamland
15:The bored - riot style
16:Toby kettle - theatre comment
17:Chumbawumba - three years later
18:Passion killers - start again
19:Amerikan arsenal - get off yr ass