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Various Artists – Bullshit Detector (LP)


EAN-code: 5016958101046
Drager: Lp op gekleurd vinyl
Releasedatum: juni 2023

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1:Andy t - jazz on a summers day
2:Counter attack - don't wanna fight for you
3:Alternative - change it
4:Clockwork criminals - we are you
5:Reputations in jeopardy - girls love popstars
6:Crass - do they owe us a living
7:Amebix - university challenged
8:Sceptics - local chaos
9:The sinyx - mark of the beast
10:Frenzy battalion - thalidomide
11:Icon - cancer
12:The speakers - why
13:A.p.f. brigade - anarchist attack
14:Fuck the c.i.a. - right or wrong
15:Caine mutiny and the kallisti apples of nonsense - morning s
16:The sucks - '3'
17:Porno squad - khaki doesn't go with my eyes
18:S.p.g. murders - soldiers
19:Eratics - national service
20:Red alert 8 - who needs society
21:The snipers - war song
22:Armchair power - power
23:Disrupters - napalm
24:Andy t - nagaski mon amour
25:Action frogs - drumming up hope (ferret skank)