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Upsetters With Lee Perry And Friends – Build The Ark (3LP)


EAN-code: 8719262019676
Drager: 3lp limited edition op gekleurd vinyl
Releasedatum: okt 2021

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Side A:
A1. Leo Graham : My Little Sandra
A2. Upsetters : Dubbing Sandra
A3. Sharon Isaacs : Feelings
A4. Upsetters : Feelings (Version)
A5. Winston Heywood : Long Long Time
A6. Upsetters : Long Time Dub
Side B:
B1. Junior Dread : A Wah Dat
B2. Upsetters : Dub Dat
B3. Lee Perry : White Belly Rat
B4. Upsetters : Judas De White Belly Rat
B5. Jah Lloyd : White Belly Rat

Side C:
C1. Eric Donaldson : Freedom Street
C2. Upsetters : Freedom Dub
C3. Shaumark and Robinson : Peace and Love
C4. Upsetters : Peace A Dub
C5. Sons Of Light : Land Of Love
C6. Upsetters : Land Of Dub

Side D:
D1. The Meditations : Think So
D2. Upsetters : Dub So
D3. Junior Murvin : Cross Over
D4. Upsetters : Cross Over Dub
D5. The Congos : At The Feast

Side E:
E1. Debra Keese And The Black Five : Travelling
E2. Upsetters : Nyambie Dub
E3. Peter and Paul Lewis : Ethiopian Land
E4. Upsetters : Landmark Dub
E5. Lord Sassafrass : Green Bay Incident
E6. Upsetters : Green Bay Version

Side F:
F1. The Shadows : Brother Noah
F2. Upsetters : Noah Dub
F3. Junior Ainsworth : Thanks And Praise
F4. Upsetters : Dub and Praise
F5. Danny Hensworth : Mr Money Man
F6. Upsetters : Dub Money