Sonic Youth – Walls Have Ears (LP)


EAN-code: 0787996802312
Drager: 2lp
Releasedatum: feb 2024

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A1 C.B.
A2 Green Love
A3 Brother James
A4 Kill Yr. Idols
A5 "Mad" Groove
A6 I Love Her All The Time
B1 Expressway To Yr. Skull
B2 Spahn Ranch Dance
B3 "Blood On Brighton Beach"
C1 Burning Spear
C2 Death Valley '69
C3 Speed Jamc
C4 Ghost Bitch
D1 I'm Insane
D2 World Looks Red
D3 The Word (E.V.O.L.)
D4 Brother Jam-Z
D5 Killed + Kicked Off