Radiohead – Kid A Mnesia (3LP)


EAN-code: 0191404116609
Drager: 3lp op gekleurd vinyl
Releasedatum: nov 2021

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LP 1
1:Everything in its right place
2:Kid a
3:The national anthem
4:How to disappear completely
7:In limbo
9:Morning bell
10:Motion picture soundtrack
LP 2
1:Packt like sardines in a crushd tin box
2:Pyramid song
3:Pulk/pull revolving door
4:You and whose army?
5:I might be wrong
6:Knives out
7:Morning bell/amnesiac
8:Dollars and cents
9:Hunting bears
10:Like spinning plates
11:Life in a glasshouse
LP 3
1:Like spinning plates ('why us?' version)
2:Untitled v1
3:Fog (again again version)
4:If you say the word
5:Follow me around
6:Pulk/pull (true love waits version)
7:Untitled v2
8:The morning bell (in the dark version)
9:Pyramid strings
10:Alt. fast track
11:Untitled v3
12:How to disappear into strings