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Public Enemy – What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? (1LP)


EAN-code: 0602435152424
Drager: Lp
Releasedatum: dec 2020

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1:When the grid go down... (ft. george clinton)
2:Grid (ft. cypress hill, george clinton)
3:State of the union (stfu) (ft. dj premier)
4:Merica mirror (ft. pop diesel)
5:Public enemy number won (ft. mike d, ad-rock, run dmc)
7:Yesterday man (ft. daddy-o)
8:Crossroads burning (ft. james bomb)
9:Fight the power: remix 2020 (ft. nas, rapsody, black thought
10:Beat them all
11:Smash the crowd (ft. ice-t, pmd)
12:If you can't join em beat em
13:Go at it (ft. jahi)
14:Don't look at the sky (ft. mark jenkins)
15:Rest in beats (ft. the impossebulls)
16:R.i.p. blackat
17:Closing: i am blackms. ariel