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Public Enemy – Fear Of A Black Planet (LP)


EAN-code: 0602537998647
Drager: Lp
Releasedatum: okt 2016

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1:Contract on the world love jam (instrumental)
2:Brothers gonna work it out
3:911 is a joke
4:Incident at 66.6 fm (instrumental)
5:Welcome to the terrordome
6:Meet the g that killed me
8:Anti-nigger machine
9:Burn hollywood burn
10:Power to the people
11:Who stole the soul?
12:Fear of a black planet
13:Revolutionary generation
14:Can't do nuttin' for ya, man!
15:Reggie jax
16:Leave this off your fu*kin charts (instrumental)
17:B side wins again
18:War at 33 1/3
19:Final count of the collision between us and the damned (inst
20:Fight the power