MOTORHEAD – REMORSE? NO! – Coloured Vinyl – 2LP


EAN-code: 4099964001136
Drager: 2LP op gekleurd vinyl RSD release
Releasedatum: april 2024

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A1 Ace of Spades (Alternate Version)
A2 Motörhead (Live At Hollywood Palladium, Oct 1984)
A3 Jailbait (Alternate Version)
A4 Stay Clean (Live At Newcastle City Hall, March 1981)
A5 Poison (Demo)
A6 Killed By Death (Demo)
B1 Bomber (Alternate Version)
B2 Iron Fist (Jacksons Studio Demos, Oct 1981)
B3 Climber (Demo)
B4 Chinese (Demo)
B5 Hump On Your Back (Instrumental)
B6 Snaggletooth (Demo)
C1 Overkill (Single Edit - 2019 Remaster)
C2 Under The Knife (12" Single - Fast)
C3 Stone Dead Forever (Alternate Version)
C4 Like A Nightmare (Demo)
C5 Over The Top (Rough Mix)
C6 Steal Your Face (Live From Sheffield, Oct 1984)
D1 Louie Louie (Alternate Version)
D2 No Class (Instrumental)
D3 Under The Knife (Demo - Slow)
D4 (We Are) The Road Crew (Alternate Version)
D5 You Ain't Gonna Live Forever (Bomber Outtake)
D6 Locomotive (Demo)