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Metallica – S & M 2 (4LP)


EAN-code: 0602508620706
Drager: 4lp limited edition op gekleurd vinyl
Releasedatum: dec 2020

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LP 1
1:The ecstasy of gold
2:The call of ktulu
3:For whom the bell tolls
4:The day that never comes
5:The memory remains
LP 2
1:Moth into flame
2:The outlaw torn
3:No leaf clover
4:Halo on fire
LP 3
1:Intro to scythian suite
2:Scythian suite, opus 20 ii: the enemy god and the dance of t
3:Intro to the iron foundry
4:The iron foundry, opus 19
5:The unforgiven iii
6:All within my hands
7:(anesthesia) - pulling teeth
8:Wherever i may roam
LP 4
2:Master of puppets
3:Nothing else matters
4:Enter sandman