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Madness – Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C’est La Vie (2LP)


EAN-code: 4050538955316
Drager: 2lp transparant vinyl limited edition
Releasedatum: nov 2023

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LP 1
1:Prologue: "mr beckett sir..."
2:Theatre of the absurd
3:If i go mad
4:Baby burglar
5:Act one: "surrounded on all sides.."
6:C'est la vie
7:What on earth is it (you take me for?)
8:Hour of need
9:Act two "the damsel in distress.."
10:Round we go
LP 2
1:Act three: "the situation deteriorates.."
2:Lockdown and frack off
3:Beginners 101
4:Is there anybody out there?
5:The law according to dr. kippah
6:Epilogue: "and so ladies and gentlemen.."
7:Run for your life
8:Set me free (let me be)
9:In my street
10:Fin.: "ladies and gentlemen.."