Kristin Hersh – Hips & Makers – RSD release – 2LP


EAN-code: 0191400065215
Drager: 2lp RSD release
Releasedatum: april 2024

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A1 Your Ghost (3:16)
A2 Beestung (3:08)
A3 Teeth (4:10)
A4 Sundrops (4:02)
A5 Sparky (1:29)
A6 Houdini Blues (4:26)
B7 A Loon (4:18)
B8 Velvet Days (3:52)
B9 Close Your Eyes (3:27)
B10 Me And My Charms (4:16)
B11 Tuesday Night (3:03)
C12 The Letter (2:47)
C13 Lurch (0:36)
C14 Cuckoo (2:12)
C15 Hips And Makers (3:19)
B- Sides
C16 Hysterical Bending
C17 The Key
C18 Uncle June And Aunt Kiyoti
C19 When The Levee Breaks
String Versions
D20 A Loon
D21 Sundrops
D22 Me And My Charms
D23 Velvet Days
D24 The Key