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Kreator – Under The Guillotine (2LP)


EAN-code: 4050538613919
Drager: 2lp op gekleurd vinyl
Releasedatum: feb 2021

Op voorraad


LP 1
1:Extreme aggression
2:Terrible certainty (remix)
3:Endless pain
4:People of the lie (2018 - remaster)
5:Flag of hate
6:Awakening of the gods
7:Terror zone (2018 - remaster)
8:Renewal (remix)
9:Tormentor (end of the world demo)
LP 2
1:Choir of the damned
2:Pleasure to kill
4:Toxic trace
5:After the attack
6:Behind the mirror
7:Some pain will last
8:Europe after the rain (remix) ( 2018 - remaster)
9:Under the guillotine