Johnny Cash – Bootleg 4: The Soul Of Truth (3LP)


EAN-code: 8719262011656
Drager: 3lp limited edition op transparant vinyl
Releasedatum: feb 2020

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LP 1
1:Wings in the morning 02:42
2:Gospel boogie (a wonderful time up there) 02:37
3:Over the next hill (we'll be home) (johnny cash with anita c
4:He's alive 04:15
5:I've got jesus in my soul (johnny cash with the carter famil
6:When he comes (johnny cash with rosanne cash and the carter
7:I was there when it happened (johnny cash with marshall gran
8:I'm a newborn man (johnny cash with the carter family) 01:39
9:Strange things happening everyday 03:31
10:Children go where i send thee 02:41
11:I'm just an old chunk of coal (johnny cash with the carter f
12:Lay me down in dixie (johnny cash with cindy cash and the ca
13:Don't take everybody to be your friend (johnny cash with the
14:You'll get yours and i'll get mine (johnny cash, with rodney
15:Oh come, angel band 02:43
16:This train is bound for glory (johnny cash with the carter f
LP 2
1:I'm gonna try to be that way (johnny cash, with jan howard a
2:What on earth (will you do for heaven's sake) 02:06
3:That's enough 02:41
4:The greatest cowboy of them all 03:58
5:Didn't it rain 02:28
6:He touched me (johnny cash with rodney crowell and the carte
7:Way worn traveler (johnny cash with helen carter) 01:52
8:I'll have a new life (johnny cash with june carter cash) 02:
9:Truth 02:17
10:Back in the fold 03:24
11:Look unto the east 02:32
12:I was there when it happened 02:09
13:Sanctified 02:23
14:Would you recognize jesus 02:33
15:That's just like jesus 03:11
16:What on earth will you do (for heaven's sake) 03:12
17:Keep me from blowing away 03:04
18:Don't give up on me 02:34
LP 3
1:Over the next hill (we'll be home) 02:19
2:Waiting on the far side banks of jordan (johnny cash with ju
3:Our little old home town 02:41
4:Belshazzar 02:55
5:My children walk in truth 02:37
6:The old rugged cross (johnny cash, with jessi colter) 02:23
7:One of these days i'm gonna sit down and talk to paul 03:07
8:God ain't no stained glass window 03:07
9:Half a mile a day 03:22
10:Another wide river to cross 02:25
11:You're drifting away 01:37
12:Believe in him 03:26
13:Over there 03:12
14:Gospel road 03:44
15:What is man 02:32
16:Wildwood in the pines 02:22
17:Never grow old 02:40