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Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash – Million Dollar Quartet (2LP)


EAN-code: 8436559468572
Drager: 2lp limited edition op gekleurd vinyl
Releasedatum: nov 2021

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A1 Untitled Instrumental 1:46
A2 Love Me Tender - Instrumental 1:01
A3 Jingle Bells - Instrumental 1:58
A4 White Christmas - Instrumental 2:07
A5 Reconsider Baby 2:42
A6 Don't Be Cruel 2:21
A7 Don't Be Cruel - Take 2 2:12
A8 Paralyzed 3:00
A9 Dont't Be Cruel - Take 3 0:36
A10 There's No Place Like Home 3:38
B1 When The Saints Go Marchin' In 2:15
B2 Softly And Tenderly 2:45
B3 When God Dips His Love In My Heart 0:18
B4 Just A Little Talk With Jesus 4:14
B5 Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley 3:33
B6 I Shall Not Be Moves 3:44
B7 Peace In The Valley 1:33
B8 Down By The Riverside 2:26
C1 I'm With A Crowd But So Alone 1:16
C2 Farther Along 2:08
C3 Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand) 1:26
C4 (As We Travel Along) On The Fericho Road 0:53
C5 I Just Can't Make It By Myself 1:03
C6 Little Cabin Home On The Hill 0:47
C7 Summertime Is Past And Gone 0:12
C8 I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling 0:36
C9 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong 0:30
C10 Keeper Of The Key (Carl Perkins Feature) 2:06
C11 Crazy Arms 0:17
C12 Don't Forbid Me 1:19
C13 Too Much Monkey Business 0:05
C14 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 1:15
C15 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 0:37
D1 Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Take 2 1:53
D2 Don't Forbid Me - Take 2 0:50
D3 You Belong To My Heart 1:12
D4 Is It So Strange 1:19
D5 That's When Your Heartaches Begin 4:55
D6 Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Take 3 0:20
D7 Rip It Up 0:22
D8 I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye 0:56
D9 Crazy Arms 3:35
D10 That's My Desire 1:56
D11 End Of The Road 1:49
D12 Blay Bottom Stomp 1:11
D13 You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven 1:12
D14 Elvis Says Farewell 0:43