Dropkick Murphys – Turn op That Dial (Lp+7 inch + 2x flexi disc)


EAN-code: 5400863049157
Drager:Lp+ 7 inch + 2x Flexi disc, deluxe edition
Releasedatum: april 2021

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LP-A1 Turn Up That Dial
LP-A2 L-Ee-B-O-Y
LP-A3 Middle Finger
LP-A4 Queen Of Suffolk County
LP-A5 Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding
LP-A6 H.B.D.M.F.
LP-B1 Good As Gold
LP-B2 Smash Shit Up
LP-B3 Chosen Few
LP-B4 City By The Sea
LP-B5 I Wish You Were Here
Streaming Up From Boston
7"-A Middle Finger
7"-B Smash Shit Up
Flexi1 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Flexi2 I Wish You Were Here