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Dio – Evil or Divine: Live in New York City (3LP)


EAN-code: 4050538629668
Drager: 3lp met een Lenticular(3D) Hoes
Releasedatum: feb 2021

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LP 1
1:Killing the dragon (live)
2:Egypt (the chains are on) (live)
3:Push (live)
4:Drum solo (live)
5:Stand up and shout (live)
6:Don't talk to strangers (live)
LP 2
1:Man on the silver mountain (live)
2:Guitar solo (doug aldrich) (live)
3:Long live rock and roll (live)
4:Lord of the last day (live)
5:Fever dreams (live)
6:Holy diver (live)
7:Heaven and hell (live)
LP 3
1:The last in line (live)
2:Rainbow in the dark (live)
3:We rock (live)
4:This is your life (2019 - remaster)
5:Fever dreams (2019 - remaster)
6:Push (2019 - remaster)
7:The eyes (2019 - remaster)